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Beware geeks bearing "gifts"
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I was reading a thing about hacking, and noticed that they used the term "Trojan" as a verb. The more usual usage is, I believe, as a qualifier, e.g. a "trojan horse program." I was able to find the term used in various ways conveniently on the Hackfix Web site:
Welcome to HackFix, the site that's dedicated to helping people stay informed about trojan horse programs, how to find out if you are infected, and how to remove these trojans safely from your system.
Using "to trojan" is unusual but not unheard of. The title of this forum thread is "Realnetworks is trojaning people...again!!!". The original cite I had (which I don't have to hand because it's in one of those, whaddya call 'em, books) carefully capitalized the term, thus "To Trojan." Seemed like an odd place to be fussy.

As a special bonus free gift at no cost to you, the HackFix site also gives us this:
If you wish to talk to a live person about anything on these pages, or trojans in general, stop by our IRC channel #HackFix and ask one of our oped or voiced users.

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