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Seth posts "Five Words Brought On By The New Job That The Mrs. Wishes I'd Stop Using", which is effectively a list of vocabulary that's au courant here at Giant World-Famous NW Software Company, Inc (a.k.a. "Ginrmous Software, Inc.", perhaps, har-har):

  1. Architect, as a verb
  2. Take-away(s), that do not involve food
  3. Pivot, when not referring to sports or things mechanical (“I pivot on the small and mid-market.”)
  4. Enterprise, when describing a business
  5. Message, as a verb
He admits he was "inspired by" 5ives, which has this entry:

Five words Madeline would just as soon I stopped using for a while
  1. orthogonal
  2. notional
  3. sciolist
  4. functionality
  5. janky

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