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Our northern neighbor
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[From Seth]

From a blog post about the egregious shipping charged by a bamboo fiber t-shirt maker on Preshrunk, the t-shirt blog:
I would like to point out that if one orders a Bamboo tee, the shipping to anywhere not in the US is about 35 dollars, more than three times the price of the tee. Perhaps if you live across the ocean in an isolated cardboard box in the district of Badgershire or something this might be acceptable, but I live in Canada, and have never seen shipping prices as high as 35 bucks to get packages across the nigh-unpassable 49th parallel. Just thought your Canuckistanian readers might like to know.

Mike here: we noted the increasing popularity of "-istan" back when Afghanistan was much in the news (entry here). I like Seth's find, though, because it combines several features: "Canuck" for our northerly neighbors (is this usage considered offensive/insulting, does anyone know?); the aforementioned "-istan"; and the adjectival particle "-ian". (Perhaps also "Canuckistan-esque"? Heh.)

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