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Noticitation of a trend
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Seth sent me the following, which came from an email subject line on an internal discussion group at work:
Google tool to speed up indexation.
with the comment "Since the propeller-heads at Google are doing it, we've apparently gone far beyond mere 'indexing'." Interestingly, searching for "indexation" in Google (and screening only for English-language results) gets all sortsa hits (~431K), but the first page of results consists almost entirely of pages that deal with economics. So obviously the practicioners of the dismal science got here first.

Just recently we had "sortation" (cite), so "indexation" would seem to be part of a trend. (Well, a trend so far of two; shoot me, I'm not good at statistixation. Ha. Three.) If I were slightly less lazy at this exact second, I would hunt about for a) more such examples and b) a treatise that addresses this phenomenon of rejecting regular ol' gerunds (sorting, indexing) in favor of reconstructed neo-nouns. I would bet a nickel that some industrious linguist has dispatched the explanation of this particular trend long since. Still, one wants to keep an eye (ear) out for more ...

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