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Anything can be verb'd, asshat
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Found on a blog:
Are you going to take the chance that the source code might get Half-Life 2'd or Windows 2000'd?
I don't know exactly what he means here, but I suspect it has something to do with an unwanted/illegal release of program source code. Whatever, they're verbs now! :-)

PS I note in this comment thread that a person is referred to as an "asshat." We did not use this word when I was a young'un, so therefore ergo ipso facto this must be a new term, haha. I am not alone in noticing the new-ecy of the term, tho: this site bills itself as "Asshat: the official site for the best word ever" and undertakes etymological research, perhaps, uh, not to the most rigorous standards. For the record, Google gets 173,000 hits for this term, but I did not scroll through all of them. Formal definition posited here.

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